Overheard in Portland

(F-words and grammar cleaned up/edited)

“I’m so depressed about a friend who insists on voting all red come November. I can’t imagine anyone being like her!

I did my best and I’m still working on it–to explain to her that a baby near term or after delivery will not suffer very long. She looked down and just shook her head.

I tried as hard as I could to explain to her how only the Democrats and us Socialists work to shut down and shut out those people who think undocumented immigrants voting is some kind of problem. I told her there are many other reasons to cancel ass-*oles. She stood there with her mouth open as if I said something poisonous.

I told her that just because Trump caused all those jobs in this racist country how she must understand to many of our comrades, working for someone else in this system is demeaning and fruitless. Capitalism is unfair and only the rich benefit. She smiled–it was one of those smart-*ss smiles–and told me that she was doing well. Then she had the audacity to ask me how I was doing!

I begged her to at least think of President Obama’s legacy and vote for the Affordable Care Act, again. She called it Obamacare. I said the cost and the bad coverage is not worth hurting the man, the legend. She actually laughed at me!

I asked her to think about all those Christians–those hypocrites and liars–and how we can’t allow them any voice in our government or any public policy. She asked me if it wasn’t their government too. I almost began to cry. It was hard to reach her; I began to think I was talking to a brick wall. My nerves began to shake.

I told her what the Fascist thugs scream about Democrat plans for less freedom isn’t true at all! Everything the government can do is good to equalize everyone! It must provide us all with what we need and that is their job. She just smirked and said everything any government does comes at a price–that price is taken out or our liberty. I called her a liar. She just turned her head and sighed.

I was angry by this time and I screamed at her the Constitution was racist as hell written by a bunch of dead white slaveholders. I shouted that we can’t trust any Supreme Court Justice who only rules about or within the laws that are passed. She started talking about how it was the Constitution that allowed challenges to the racist laws of the past. She just stood there and stared at me like I was a child. She’s so full of her freedom sh*t.

My last attempt before I’ll never speak to her again was when I begged her to join us in beating back the Police. All people are good and only provoked to act out because the Police are racist, Fascist, and they murder innocent blacks. This Fascist tool then asked me about the assassinations of fifty Police Officers this year. She said the death penalty for those only trying to do the job in all cases are evil acts. Then she began to walk away from me and said she’d pray for me.”

Andy Huddleston, October 11, 2020


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