We are the people who voted for President Trump for his accomplishments and vision. He has our interests at heart and works harder than anyone ever has in the same position. The deep state and the Socialists didn’t know what hit them and fought him every day with the open support of our media. And how they fight, how they scream, how they cheat, how they protest, and how they hate us!

We have the knowledge that the side of darkness and terrible policies do anything to take power. We don’t. We want to win straight up without the cheating, without the hate for their fellow Americans who choose liberty. We choose working fair and developing the kind of policies that enable
Americans to prosper and live in peace, live without murder, looting, fires, and anarchy fostered by Democrat Governors and Mayors in their own home places. All the while these leftist people blame President Trump for everything, which we have knowledge of that plain lie. The leftists love to bully us, but we pay little attention to the untaught, undisciplined children who occupy adult sized bodies.

The stuff of an appeasing media, lying Democrat politicians, and the many various phony celebrity people who have some kind of public voice are all allied against President Trump-and by close extension–us. We’re Americans who have worked all our lives and paid taxes. We have worked and made positive efforts for the good of our families, our communities, many have served in the military, and many have faith in God above and are still praying for the good of this country and all its citizens and inhabitants.

But we’re not heard as loudly as the appeasers, the liars, the cheaters, the Democrat operatives who constantly loudly call out of their misery to scream at us for simply being. Yes, we’re here and there, and we’re living near you haters. We’re picking up the costly tab of your child-like destruction. We always have. We’re still here and God help us survive so we can teach and help others who will, the right ways to treat our fellows.

We’re still here, we’re still alive. We will stand against the bullying of anyone, any entity and defend ourselves. We stand against those who want to bring to government the forced ascension of all for the murder of the unborn, the squashing of industries that bring us power and fuel our travel, the confiscation of wealth to feed the ever-growing bureaucracies that have worked against us. We’re here. We’re not going anywhere. Many of us pray to God above daily and trust Him alone, above all others.

We can’t be bothered by your screaming and can’t hear you leftists because you’re wrong about us and much too loud. We’re the people who wish you no harm, wish all to live and prosper, and know it’s possible. That’s how we are; we don’t hate you because you hate us.

Andrew O Huddleston, November 5, 2020

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