Fighting Against the Cheat

We stand in the breach with him and do our much smaller parts of fighting the cheat day to day. Our enemy operates an over-arching strategy where the ends justify the means as they’ve always done. The left’s drive to bankrupt jurisdictions it controls and knowingly or unknowingly operate toward bankrupting the nation causes no momentary pause in their pursuit of Socialism or grievance or pig pensions or simply to have power over others, wallowing in unearned self-importance. It matters not to them and they lie, cheat, and steal to get their way. Some kill to have their way.

With a peculiarly hateful media, a transitioned Democrat party that by the force of its collective disintegration into far left misery, the myriad institutions aligned against him, we stand in the breach where survival of the Republic survives or fails to live beyond January 3, 2021. Our President is a courageous leader who did much for an America within which more people can pursue happiness. He stood first in the breach and every day in office, his steel heart brought forward actual changes for the good of the Republic.

Americans–those fierce patriots among us–who object to being controlled by an all powerful government populated by leftists do expect to be harassed, assaulted, censored, canceled, and likely driven to the unthinkable, the terrible nightmare of living in desperation to simply survive as human beings without a Bill of Rights or Constitution. All the while this predicable circumstance for American patriots will be lived with the full knowledge that there is no level of joy or happiness in leftist hearts, no satisfaction for thee leftists regardless of the damage they wrought. Leftists will never be happy and are forever miserable human beings; it’s a place where many are most comfortable. There’s hate for the country itself at a level that threatens us all.

Evidence is clear and yet turned away by the same arbiters who are much inside the bloodstream of the problem. Cheating the vote is simply another way to meet the ends of our assortment of resident Marxists, Socialists, haters, the perpetually unhappy, looters, murderers, government employees, and others who do not care much about the country within which they live. Many never will care for the health of the nation; it is never a concern of theirs beyond that which they can take from it and from our children. There is no longer objective education within public schools and there is no God in most of their lives. Instead the secular chaos is their playground and untrained minds acting within government yields the same chaos where many play unchecked. There are leaders who clamor for our destruction using any and all props for the rationale as they loudly gin up many people who know no different–the thing of community organizers to securely seal their own power level.

We’re left–a majority who are actually tolerant of others and their differences, peaceful, who have worked and did follow the rules; most of us have faith in God, and all of us believe there is such a thing as justice along with an endeavor called fairness. Yet we’re denied all of this by the left. We’re left with the question, what now? There is an open sore of justice not met and a willing, wanton, and undeserved dearth of fairness worked by our anti-American left who would destroy us if they could. The end justifies the means by these people. We shall stay the course by word and deed. In our never-ending prayers for peace, we ask God to help us defend the breach.

Andy Huddleston December 5, 2020


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