These Democrats of 2020

Our group of Socialists, Marxists, wild-eyed liberals, hate-filled of all things American, racist, anti-police, dedicated group thinkers have stolen the Presidency and are openly working, stealing, lying–in their effort to change America… to what?

Replete with nihilists, bracketed-mind anarchists, rigidly disciplined feminists, secularists, many atheists, believers in abortion to nine-month delivery of a human being, black supremacists, maniacal misanthropic environmentalists, children of the corn–Antifa (actual Nazis), and many short-sighted government employees and retirees, the Democrats of 2020 are the bane of regular Americans. And then there are Americans who are living with the mistaken belief the Democrat and Republican party exist to protect their interest. There is an imbalance between the DNC and GOP–the GOP being somewhat better–but it is only a matter of degree. Regular Americans believe in liberty, most believe on God, all believe life is sacrosanct and not to be lost or destroyed frivolously.

Regular Americans work, raise their children with rules of behavior that must be adhered to–for the sake of a peaceful and happy society. Regular Americans believe in minding their own business and are laissez-faire toward other people who wish to live differently, believe differently, and act differently. The one caveat in this way is that whatever people do and believe are to not to hurt other people or coerce all to do or pay for those elements of life that regular Americans find abhorrent. Regular Americans believe we are all free to think and speak as we want. Regular Americans want to be left alone by overzealous government employees at all levels, or by community organizers such as listed above in the Democrat party circle.

Regular Americans love our country. Americans know greed and hypocrisy when we see it in play at the highest levels of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government that origins are found in the Constitution. The Constitution has been bastardized over decades of greed and hypocrisy of those who have not had the interests of Americans at heart and instead operated fully for their own accumulation of money and power. We are not afraid (the left loves to attach the word phobic to anyone who thinks differently about anything)–we’re none of those things they claim, but we are strong in our belief of liberty and the good of this nation as founded and fought, through its lows and highs and now facing an illegitimate anti-us administration. We will fight in every way we must for our liberty. We pray for peace and will act accordingly, however non-violence cannot be maintained if some of these Democrats attack us with violence.

“A chaplain stood before them and confessed he was struggling to find words. ‘Some of us have buried our closest friends here… Indeed, some of us are alive and breathing at this very moment because men who lie here here beneath us had the courage and strength to give their lives for ours. Some of the men buried here had served their country just as their forefathers had in the Revolutionary War. Others loved her with equal passion because they themselves or their fathers escaped from oppression to her blessed shores. Rich and poor, black and white, enlisted men and officers, these marines lay here in the highest and purest democracy.’ The chaplain asked all to make sure their sacrifice had not been in vain. From their suffering must come ‘the birth of a new freedom for the sons of men everywhere.’ ” Penguin Books, HBO copyright, author Hugh Ambrose, Title: The Pacific, page 407. (Reference quotes regarding the Iwo Jima American cemetery).

It seems many American Democrats and Republicans have lost their desire or will to be Americans. It’s sad.

Andy Huddleston, December 31, 2020


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