American Liberty

Democrats cheated to take seats of power.  The consequences for the nation are clear.  How very much are arrayed against all Americans!  You will have power regardless of the vote being cheated. Brace yourselves.    

We have controlled the impulse to be violent that Democrats are unwilling to control.  Not just a few of us would give our lives for President Trump and for a free nation; we don’t attack people from their backs like Democrat voters.  We will defend ourselves.  We pray.  We weep inside our hearts. 

  • We weep for babies born alive your leaders in the Democrat party have judged unworthy of life.  Those campaign contributions buy a lot of death.
  • We weep for the unemployed who will struggle even more to find work as the Democrat party works against them.
  • We weep for our nation.  China, Iran, and other nations will again take our treasury for climate change, bad peace deals, and any excuse to distribute our money to a hateful world. If you have any heart for this country, weep for what your party will do. You know it’s true.
  • We weep for Israel that just when the world saw peace deals between some of her Arab neighbors,
  • We weep for our nation as we are forced to pay ever more into what will be once again a growing, unaccountable bureaucracy. We know virtually everyone who is part of the state escape justice.  It is part of the well of money the Democrat party accumulates for its cronies. 
  • We weep for our nation as the unaccountable bureaucracy makes law through regulation fiats. Socialism destroys all that is good.
  • We weep for the children in our cities who will continue to be slaughtered because of your party’s failure to address the real problems in the ghettos where there is a lack of faith in God along with an evil faith in guns, all kinds of guns.  Democrats haven’t removed guns from bad people.  Instead, the Democrat party works to remove them from law-abiding people.
  • We weep for our churches, dismissed by the Democrat party as mostly nuisances.  Our society reveals what the lack of faith in God and what is right and wrong has done to our society.
  • We weep for our public schools as they fall ever deeper into indoctrination centers for the hateful left, the deceitful Democrat party. Those campaign contributions buy a lot of failure in our children.
  • We weep for the victims of illegal immigration as the Democrat party promises more people will come and will kill, because there’s no vetting of who comes into our nation by your party.
  • We weep for the victims of crime, everywhere.
  • We weep for Police officers across the land as they face a hostile political party–the Democrat party.
  • We weep, but we are angry.  We are freedom. We are your neighbors. We work to do what’s good.  We do not hurt people or curse at them in public.  We haven’t broken the first window or looted the first business.  We’re Americans.
  • We weep for liberty. The Democrat party has demonstrated its policy to restrict freedom everywhere it controls and has done so with an unconstitutional vengeance.
  • We weep over the Socialist big tech censoring speech and the criminal connection to our Socialist Democrat party.

We prayed for President Trump and a Congress and our prayers haven’t been answered to the extent we wanted. Instead, as always, it is in His way, His time. We are faithful to Him.

Andy Huddleston January 14, 2010


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