American Politicians

There’s no problem money can’t solve for most politicians.

Got a corrupt gas company in the Ukraine who needs less heat? No problem.

Politician’s wife wants a larger beach house? No problem.

Politician wants to buy a second, third, and maybe a fourth home? No problem.

Help seniors in debt ridden states ease on out from life? No problem–an immunity clause set in law and a payment to one’s campaign is all it takes. No problem.

Need a Russian pipeline to German and a pipeline in Afghanistan? No problem.

Want to kill the unborn? No problem.

Need union support for your candidacy? No problem! Throw some campaign cash your way and keep schools closed.

Need to buy votes of those who want free college, free healthcare, and free birth control? No problem, the vote is for sale for policies too, babe.

Need jobs or cash for your family? Absolutely no problem!

Want a million dollar mansion outside your district? No problem!

Andrew Huddleston, March 1, 2021

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