No Thanks

I’ve heard your arguments for decades about how we should be Socialist and don’t buy a word of it.

You’ve forgotten who and what the enemy is—you’re authoritarian and cancel people you don’t agree with and more than that, you hate us with a guttural passion. 

You want to see us destroyed in every way possible.  

You hate us if we have faith in God.  You hate us if we believe in the value of work. 

You hate us if we believe only rightful citizens have the right to vote for political offices. 

You hate us if we hate your ideas about governance. 

You hate us if we believe in low taxes and more freedom from government.   

You have decided to hate police.

You have decided there is a superior race after all—it is black—when we’re all human beings and the same.

You’ve decided to indoctrinate the youth, the government workers, and the military rather than teach them truth.


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