Our Democrat Department of Justice

Merrick Garland is a profile in cowardice as so many of our well paid bureaucrats are… they embody employees who happily skip to the bank to make deposits for doing little on the job. Most are working as ardent supporters of the DNC and making sure justice doesn’t touch any member, especially Hunter.

The people who died in nursing homes in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan are the forgotten victims of directives by incompetent Democrat politicians. “They don’t count for much because they’re old and would have passed away in a few years anyway.”

The poor souls we lost in the nursing homes because of the “brilliance” by Governors Coumo, Murphy, Wolfe, and Whitmer made decisions that are counter-intuitive shall now escape scrutiny by Garland’s Department of Justice. How quaint. It will be up to the States for any action and that is as likely to happen in the blue goo as snow in July. Never mind the campaign contributions and coziness the nursing home industry enjoys with big Democrats and the monies they undoubtedly received by “our” government for accepting sick patients.

It’s akin to the same corrupt farce Planned Parenthood enjoys with Democrats as it merrily kills the unborn while raking it in from the treasury and for vacation, they all can skip off to their paid-for beach-houses. Democrats in their “pro-life” districts can prattle about how they protect the right to choose and that the federal government does not fund abortion.

On the nursing home tragedy, I suspect the Democrats will be silent in their districts of naive Americans.

Pay off for pay off, and the Democrat-fat Party rolls on, unencumbered by consequence or justice and always blaming Republicans.

I’m glad Merrick didn’t make the Supreme Court.

Where is John Durham? I wonder if he got sucked down the same hole that Huber did a few years ago. Our FBI in inaction!

Andrew Huddleston

July 24, 2021


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