I’m nearing completion of a novel—political—past, present, and predictive that includes non-fiction organizations, on-line debates (when we could discuss issues with each other), and the acts of Fascists being done now and defended.  It’s predictive as a scenario that could occur in the near future. 

This challenge is written for my own edification from observation of the politics and the volume I see on the net and hear from our media most of which that has the effect of sanctioning one side—Liberal (Progressive) Democrat—on every issue, however wrong.  Lies do not matter to most of them and are used with abandon every day on every one of their broadcasts.  When they’re caught in them, it’s already tomorrow and the mouthpieces have most often moved on to other issues.  It is written from truth even though I have been defined as a conservative and so if truth means I’m conservative, then that’s more than fine by me.    

Millions of Americans seem to be against millions of Americans and have been set up to be in a state of dislike and hate for other people and their faith, ideals, ideas, and so much more.  So many have been educated to hate this Nation and by extension, those of us who do not hate her. 

This is a difficult read from the point of view of what’s said in the detail by both sides.  I offer a supposition as to where our lack of civility takes us and affects us all.  I pray I’m wrong.  But if we can stay the course toward Marxism, we will fight it.  We must fight for survival.  Marxism assures we do not survive.  I prefer to fight against a consistently failed system that enslaves rather than free.I know it will frustrate the reader and violates one of the unwritten rules of writing—not to frustrate the reader.  The scenarios are important though to lend a little time and thought so maybe more can figure out the important things from a perspective of this one man who is poor in spirit but rich in dreams.  Important things like God, Country, family, and friends are what we have to accompany us in our travel through a wretched world outside of ourselves.  Each give human beings the spirit, heart, and courage to carry on in our own place, in our own way in life in these States.  It is an unafraid look at where we are and where we could be going as a Nation.  I’ll be canceled very early.  Consider it a story from the days of President George W. Bush up through President Biden and on to President X.

The poison of greedy Marxism looks and tastes sweet but always destroys, always kills.

Andrew O. Huddleston

August, 2021 

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