An excerpt…

I’m sitting alone now within my mind and spirit looking outward toward the American country.  I look across the landscape, much of it torn and bleeding.  I can see smoke rising and wonder what happened to us, all of us.  Why did we fall to this same fate as Nations before by fighting each other?  How did this happen and has anyone learned anything?

I breathe in air that has a taste within its body.  The subtle, unpleasant, foul flavor of death is taken into my lungs and bloodstream.  It’s an ugly reminder of a people who en mass turned away from God and good and went their own way led by charlatans who were deceivers for their own craven want of power and greed.  The weight of it all came to be too much for the country to handle and came a Civil War, the second one.

We in America remain a sharply divided people.  We have our share of the greedy, hate-filled, thieves, hypocrites, and liars in positions of power and on both sides of the political spectrum—and before it happened and now still, we’re not headed for a good place.  Can you see?  Are we to ever more be required to succumb to the wiles of others, of an out of control bureaucracy?  Are we going to continue to allow others to take away our freedom?  What purpose or grand illusions are millions wanting government control while other millions have been forced to accept government control over our lives? 

We also have lovers of the idea of America and her liberties, her opportunities to do for families, all families, by an economic system that works well if it is left alone by those who corrupt it.  I am one of many millions in this group.  This is a projection of events and characters, some real and some characterized in a fictional effort that captures very real intentions and the nature of people that engulf all of us in both good and bad ideas.  There is a need to be very careful about accepting changes that are offered our free Nation because the darkness of man threatens her and we must be strong.   

The only things of value in life are the wings one is born with thanks be to God above.  We are all born with wings and are blessed—our love, what we do, what we stand for and how we live—whether we soar by using our minds or wallow because we don’t is the prerogative of each human being.  Some are not blessed with great intelligence but use their gifts to accomplish great things for themselves and society—our world.  Others are born with very high intelligence—higher than most others—but choose to ignore their gift. 

Many so called college professors ignore their ability to discern and have taught generations to hate our country.  The time has caught up with us and we are reaping that which has been taught to at least two generations of youth by these people.  Many churches have lost their way and followed along the path of least resistance.  Others have not taken the easy path and open their doors to people who know they need God and are commanded to make good effort to follow the scriptures.     

Some do not use their minds and hearts for good, a malady persistent on both the left and right of the political spectrum.  There is massive corruption in our political class, who make the laws that can be circumvented.  I no longer wonder what purpose they use their gifts.  Most often most seem to use what God blessed them with for their own largess. 

Who, what we are, where and how we are reaching our life’s destination is the story of love, hate, peace or war, happiness—or horror.  There are those who would take from us as high level looters after watching the divide unfold and giving them opportunities.  It is terminal to a Constitutional Republic.  There are those who are directing the orchestra and chorus of wingless voices who never seem to be touched by things around them.  They are made up of the unknowing, uncaring, or the dead.       

I believe in truth.  It seems to be dwindling in our society and lies are gaining momentum.  The media has become advocates for lies.  The lies that carried to fruition lead to being enslaved by one system, and one point of view not hindered by truth or faith in God.  Most who are in this camp believe in human beings above or without God.  People who are deceived by this vote blue because they believe that somehow this construct will take them to a better place in life.  The red voters mostly believe the opposite is true and always will be.      

I believe all of us could and sometimes do add to conflict and continue to compound the injury every day until death itself overtakes all of us.  We must teach.  We must undo the damage we allowed to entrench itself in so many minds to the extent we can, one person at a time if that is what it takes to restore Godly character and good citizenship.  We must make a true effort to lovingly share good lessons about our God, our country and man’s better impulses, better ways.   

When we war with each other, we can’t talk to each other.  There’s no effort made to toward reason and understanding.  We can no longer have conversations; it’s always one camp against the other, one set of values against the other, and two Nations-States, two Armies. 

No one is innocent.

No one is completely free.

No one is completely at peace.

God bless you. 


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