An Excerpt #2

Chapter I

The Story

The 2nd States Constitutional Convention split the former United States into two distinct Nation-States with several redrawing of county and state borders.  The northeast corridor of former states exempting New Hampshire but including northern Virginia along with Hawaii joined with the western corridor of states to form what their delegates decided was descriptive of their sub-territory, the People’s Nation of Democracy.  The Capitol Arch for both Nation-States remained located in the new blue state of Washington D.C.  An Arch for the military defense of the new formation was the sole purpose of the Arch linking the two distinct Nations.   No other powers were rested in D.C.       

The balance of states became known as the Republic of American states and included all of Alaska.  The former were bound together by the most common wants and needs of people who voted for the Socialist Democrats.  I and millions of others welcomed the chance to be free of the chains that heavy reliance on a centralized government forces and must use force to keep the population reliant on it for more and more of life’s necessities.  It doesn’t matter to those trapped in subservience to bureaucrats and how poor every service sold as liberal ideas is for the masses.  Both Nation-States enjoyed their own Constitution and establishment of a federal government less defense equal to the former Capitol in Washington D.C.      

It is also true that within the conservative ranks, we have many people who aren’t actually that interested in the Constitutional foundations as they are in gathering wealth.  They may hoard things like medical supplies to oil to real-estate in order to sell at a higher price later.  Many forget their fellow citizens and although that is their prerogative, it is not virtuous in its depth.    

There’s no requirement in our Constitution that people be generous and giving.  Those guidelines are found in a higher placed book, the Bible.  Among the ranks are people who use favors and grants favors for their benefit, an activity not limited to conservatives, but found throughout the political landscape.  There seems to be so much of it that in fact Americans approaching an invisible line where it is impossible to be treated fairly in any venue based on merit and that predicament is within our sight.         

On every National issue, the consensus of the governed in the People’s Nation of Democracy would prevail and no longer would individual states have the power or authority to overrule any law or regulation put in place by the central committee of the Party in New York, New York.  At first the population in this sub-territory were very happy that their people’s experiment would have more weight and authority than they were able to force on the United States prior to the convention. 

The happiness expected for every person within the collectivist system gave them hope and joy and lasted a little while.  Then, many turned toward the red states for more because the actual gifts provided were insufficient to live in the manner most expected.  The propaganda was that where socialized Nations and systems that has failed, failed because they weren’t as capable and careful as the United States will be in implementation.      [AH1]     

The Republic of American States remained a representative Republic whereby people would be elected from each state to represent them in the National halls of the Republic located in Charleston, South Carolina.  It was modeled after the original Constitution and the federalist papers of the time of origin.  The population within the states were relieved their liberty was protected for religion, enterprise, and the original Bill of Rights were codified.  There was two executives elected as well, with the People’s Democracy accomplishing it with a popular vote while the Republic accomplished it as prescribed in the original Constitution with a college of electors based on the population of each state.       

The break-up was generally viewed as necessary to stop the inevitable violence that may result from half the people being convinced they are repressed while the other half felt resistance was hurting their cause.  The killings occurred in every state of the former United States of America and the period was reported as fighting back for rights by one side and stopping unwarranted attacks by the other.  The blue oriented media had their stories for months and made a great deal of money even in a period of violence and runaway inflation. 

What was to be the last cold battle was a march on Washington D.C. and all its bureaus by a large army of those who held fast to the second Amendment after the Socialists declared it against the law within their states.  Many people were disappointed but not surprised that the Pentagon military power joined the bureaucracies while many in lower ranks of the military joined the Americans.  The large civilian army suffered many arrested and imprisoned, but all those who marched knew their risk would be grievous and they were. 


Mark smith had been a military warrior in his early years, served honorably, and loved the country.  I’ve known him for a couple of years and we’ve grilled together; our beer flowed to numb us a little to the current events.  Never certain of the outcome of meetings for which we had none to very little say, we were in the breech of the unknown for a while when the Convention was finally started.  If we knew then what we know now, we would have thought the results good. 

He loved the freedom it promised and the Constitutional Republic that had been established over two-hundred years past.  He also saw the degeneration of many youth as what was happening to them—by their parents, by their schools, by the government “helpers” most often put them at risk if they were poor or if they were well off.  The poor received their education by a street culture and the well-off received their education by bitter teachers and professors. 

Mark told me how he has watched decade after decade beginning in the nineties how society was made worse with every class.  I agreed with him as I’ve also prayed for an awakening of more Americans to vote in such a way to not let the decline continue based on who were enacting and adjudicating the laws.  He watched every current event, every tragedy that exposed America’s weakness, and watched every clock in the Nation counting the hours, days, and years against faith in God being the driving element in human beings.  Faith had fallen off to undecipherable levels, barely mentioned, barely thought about, and barely working in the daily lives of adults and youth. 

Mark observed the actions the leaders of each state were taking.  He thought little of most of them, but knew it was likely the greater risk would be borne by the people.  So many of the Nation’s problems have been born out of those elected by low information voters.  As many of the politicians took their greed and acted on their bias, we saw our freedoms being slowly squeezed into an ever smaller limb on the liberty tree.  And it was being done with professed good intentions, but hardly had the results expected. 

When the results weren’t harvested in the manner politicians advertised with the aid of willing partners in the media, the other camp was blamed.  Low information voters grab on to the message easy to hear and vote for them the next time.  These and time produced the hateful state our Nation has become where we can no longer work together in government.  Liberty is a forgotten concept.             

It was either to be the fall of the American experiment or the start of a better Nation that would embrace competing ideas on what makes a Nation great for its people and for the world.  I was in a quiet meadow with my dog, watching her and feeling the gentle press of a breeze against my face.  I prayed to God for us.  Everything was at stake for the convention to repair the Nation by splitting the Nation to a large degree with Amendments that assured the blue states could proceed with an altered Constitution while the red states remained fixed to the original intent and text.        



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