Dads in Northern Virginia

I have been red faced angry some few times in my life and it happened again last night.  I strike my wooden verticals.  I stop the bleeding.     

The Nazi-like actions across the country by people like Fauci and Biden’s mandates have got me close to red.  Fauci has been smiling for over a year.  The IRS being lined up and staffed to surveil bank transactions of $600.00 or more had me gnashing teeth.  The lies of Biden as he very quickly erased our capacity to source our own energy got me close early.  The insane border catastrophe is in front of us every day and I no longer have the energy.  Worse than all of these, the Afghanistan sacrifice of American troops and the droning of children did it.  I went red and intend to never let Biden and the generals forget it.   

The latest is a story of the Loudoun County, Virginia school board and the prosecution for disorderly conduct of a dad who wanted to speak regarding the sexual assault on his daughter in a school restroom.

He was not allowed to voice his concern because the school board shut down the meeting shortly after Superintendent Ziegler lied and told the dad they had been no incident at the school.

The dad physically hurt no one.  I know there are a million dads who wouldn’t have been nearly as restrained as Scott Smith was that hot day in Virginia with the Marxist School board and “Superintendent.”  The police and school board are lucky it was Scott.    

The young man who chooses to wear skirts in fact did assault the dad’s daughter and this board knew.  The lad assaulted another girl at a different school. He’s been found guilty of forcible sodomy and rape and is now in juvenile detention. The school board did not want to hear of any issues with their new transgender policies, allowing those to use the restroom of their “chosen” gender.  It’s time.  It’s time for a rebellion.  Hat tip to David Webb, SiriusXM radio for the correct, non-violent approach definition for the present time.

Every school board must be attended by parents in ever greater numbers to voice their concerns over the government schools physical and mental accommodations for our children.  Never let them have an inch.  Vote them out if they don’t listen.  Never accept the lies of anyone no matter the title they happily sport while bringing Marxism and Socialism and insane social policies to our children.  Never, ever, give in.  


Andrew Huddleston, a deplorable nobody.  October 13. 2021.  It’s late in the game.       



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