TRUMP 2021

His results for 2016 through 2020 were well worth tweets that some people saw fit to describe as offensive or mean or even evil—only in snowflake nation are any of these adjectives taken seriously by the same population of thin skinned people with little to do, little to build, and nothing to contribute.

There’s nothing to suggest he was a dictator, as he was accused.

There’s nothing to suggest he thought himself to be a ruler, as he was accused.

He (and millions of Americans) felt he was cheated by the count of the vote, the media, and the truth is that it is likely he and we were in fact cheated.  Regardless of how we felt, most of us had to accept the widely agreed upon result for we had relatively few supporters of a real question of election integrity.  There seemed a stealthy coordinated effort made to generate the numbers needed with all democrat hands on deck to use and play loosely with mail-in ballots and other tactics to run up numbers against him, us.  Yes. 

How hard is it to move the largest stone of people, parties and huge government the world could ever create?  

There’s much to suggest he worked hard to restore the American Republic in its waxing, waning, and tilt toward becoming another failed Socialism State.  He worked hard against all the people and all the roadblocks he faced with a hate-filled Congress—some even within his own party… and it goes on.

People who were against him because he actually wanted to do good for Americans. For that he has been harassed, impeached, drug across the left’s spikes every single day of his administration and still… it goes on.

He was an interloper elected by Americans who wanted a positive direction for the nation and for this he was punished and still… it goes on.

He had the temerity to challenge the corrupt status quo of an overgrown bureaucracy and for this they worked against him… and do still pine for his misfortune.

He stood strong and stands strong still.  He was and is innocent of all kinds of charges as they attack, hate, ferret out and pig root every bit of private information and slight hints of impropriety, find none, and do all they can to bring him troubles… and still it goes on.

He caused prosperity to come to the nation and all who wanted to, did benefit.

He brought us to energy independence but was punished for it and it goes on still.

He managed to stop the border invasion of those who jumped line and broke our law to come uninvited into our sovereign country, and was vilified and still… it goes on.

For all of what he was and what he did, he was figuratively crucified by an intransigent government and media complex of protectors of the status quo… and it goes on still, wasting time and money at an unbelievable 24-7 rate.

He brought his strong hand toward compassion for those who were locked away for small steps outside laws that became the way the society handled those less fortunate… and was punished for it by their silence about it, still.

He led with real compassion for our troops and he does still in those calls and kind words he shares with many who have suffered.  He never glanced at his watch nor would he ever be distracted from his mission of the moment grieving families came to receive their sons and daughters at Dover who gave it all for us and those who decided to hate him.  Still they hate him and spent their energies working against him. 

But he was strong and is strong still.

He did not let up and he made people around him work and work hard–for us. He worked hard for us too and succeeded despite the hate and vitriol he faced every single day and still does… great is his endurance.

He was a great President in heart and deed.

Four years were not enough for him and the good he could have brought to a nation in sore need of an awakening.

The current administration has undone all the good he did, from international relations to our economy and fuel and taxes and jobs and on and on but they don’t credit him still… and they never will.

He loved Israel and us and gave us security, wealth, peace, and direction of a strong Republic that is the United States of America, but no more are we and it happened so quickly…  We had a great President and gave him up to those who entrenched in a stubborn bureaucracy, those who are perpetually offended in life at something, anything, and anyone, and then there was CNN, MSNBC, etc.

Sad.  The results of the hate is the feckless, wrong-headed, God awful administration we suffer now.

I don’t know how we will end up.

Andrew O Huddleston

October 29, 2021


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