Can the American people have faith and confidence in our nefarious government law enforcement arm known as the FBI and it’s overarching agency named the Department of Justice? It’s become the home employer of people who lie (Comey, McCabe, et al), forge (Klinesmith), conspire (Connally, the Whitmer case, et al), incite (January 6, 2021), murder (Putman), and even treason (Katrina Lueng and James Smith).

Every incident that becomes public where some grievous offenses are committed by someone or some group of people within the FBI, there is always a commitment to reform the agency and train its employees to not break the law. We are to believe that solves the problem. Wray has said such trite words in order to out his house in order. He was the Director of the FBI when many agents pounced on Roger Stone’s home in tactical gear from the land and sea all the while CNN was capturing the arrest of a dangerous criminal–his crimes were his animus toward the democrat party and its policies and his work for President Trump. It’s dangerous to be an American who believes in the Constitution and the liberty it grants all citizens. Oh, the horror!

The training they and you need, Merrick, Chris–is in our history, character, faith, and the Constitution and not the democrat party distorted version.

Andrew Huddleston, January, 2022 and subject to making the naughty list.


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