Chapter XVI Peace, that Elusive State of Things NATIONS

The death toll in the field near El Paso was tallied by most reporters at a number above 200 and could be more.  There were at least another 400 wounded in some manner with various degrees of seriousness.  They were confident that it couldn’t be less and this was staggering to them who reported the failure of the Convention to stem the violence that had become so real near every neighborhood and in every large City.  The clash and results are neither anything to be proud of nor something to be ashamed of.    

I watched the gnashing of teeth and consternation was drawn plain on the faces of everyone on cable news television.  It was a moment, one stark moment where the reporters were honest.  At least each had a semblance of compassion, frustration with the aggression, and understood the great loss.  They feared more to come and most of them said so on air.  I did not smile during this time of observance.  Being on the line of defense and using a weapon, I felt no joy with the results or that I contributed to deaths and injuries.  

            The east and the west red states were able to stop the armed advance of Antifa and others.  Thank God, the men and women in the east didn’t have to kill people. There were few people who predicted this but it probably should have been more.  I think of how the left has never been comprised of the happiest Americans with the weight of their unrequited wants for a society going on and on.  They are as compelled to change the nation as we are to stop them.  The left must work to put in their own prescription for every part of life for every single person in the nation, including those illegal immigrants who as a result would be eligible to be citizens—a reward for unfairly crossing our borders in exchange for their votes for the left controllers.

            Rumors began circulating that Antifa were going to join with other groups and march into the red states in far greater numbers and with much better strategic plans than the first trial.  I prayed it wasn’t true and cried to heaven above to let us avoid another battle.  If the rumors were true, the toll of death will be greater, much greater, the more people involved, and the longer it would certainly last.   

            Would the military have to pick a side next time?  A number of Generals may be Marxist even though most of them are Constitutionalists—surely.  A break between the command structures could bring weapons that are devastating and many will die in both the red and blue divides, along with mothers and children.  Even a single Marxist General could be dangerous with his command for a short period of time.   

I asked Mark what he thought.    

“I don’t know for sure, Tim.  I think it’s likely.  Next time, they’re not going to be so cock-sure of their superiority and won’t come at us the same way.” 

“How do you think it’ll happen?” I asked him.

“My guess is that they’ll begin to work it from the inside of our states—like illegal immigrants but they won’t be illegal.  It’s one of those lose ends from the Convention.”

“I hadn’t thought about that.  It’ll be fairly easy for them to come in and begin their mischief.”

“I’m afraid it may be more than mischief, Tim.  We’ll see what happens,” he said and turned away.  “I’m weary when I think about domestic enemies.  They’re in our families, in our schools, everywhere.  We watched them be created by our own institutions.  This enemy would strip us of our liberty,” he said as he left me. 

I knew he was right.  Enemies of the Constitution and even the amended document following the States Constitutional Convention are in force and planning their next effort to take the Republic of American States and rejoin unity in misery.  People who hate the Republic and Capitalism are now embedded in every institution and present in every geographical area.  There is no kind of boundary for their infectious ideology.  Marxists know none or respects any boundaries. 

Freeing our Nation and staying free is a monumental, historical task and require an all-out war against every facet, in every corner, and every dark place where they thrive.  I don’t know how to do it.  I know this much—that we must pray in humility and sincerely to our God above.  I do know that all of us must do all we can as individuals and God willing avoid violence if we can, but be prepared for it if we can’t.

El Paso taught us that many citizens of the People’s Nation of Democracy are willing to violently come for the assets of the Republic.  That’s a dangerous shame and puts our military in the conundrum of inaction on any front and having to endure the spectacle ostensibly without interfering.  I knew rogue commanders may take the bloody action they can get away with and the last pitiful thing I want is the military fighting each other.  Many sons and daughters would be killed in such an event and it would be for nothing as both the People’s and the Republic would lose all.  The Convention didn’t address the military mission to be anything other than protection of both Nation-States.  I kept busy at work and spending time with family, doing chores, repairs, and laundry.  I prayed every day.  The compulsion was great and never failed me more than 24 hours.   

As time passed, I began to think that maybe the worse is really behind us.  It’s been three months since El Paso and we’re into the beginning of winter.  My friends and I were enjoying life and laughing along the way as we drank beer to each other’s health and happiness.  Being lulled into a false sense of security because we all dearly wanted peace and time spent on joyful things, not otherwise.  Three months had passed since the killing and maiming. 

I heard the news that the court and police of Seattle had Sam arrested and was currently detained in Nashville.  It seems they would extradite him to Washington State for trial.  A liberal District Attorney wanted to make him an example and case for his reelection in The People’s State of Washington.

At the same time Sam was being held accountable, Antifa of blue states had returned to us to commit crimes while embedded with our people.  They had slowly returned in small numbers until they had infiltrated most of the red states in the major cities. 

We have been to this place before.  The year when the Fascist group caused serious damage and tried to do worse, such as cementing police officers inside a precinct house which they tried to set fire and trap the officers to burn to death.  That’s vicious, cruel totalitarianism on full display.  The members of Antifa want to control speech, assembly, and are in fact, the very Fascists they accuse others of being.  The loosely organized group has used violence to intimidate Americans. 

So, now we must fight on politically and literally when necessary to protect our home, our police, and our Republic.  We must endeavor to teach, pray unceasingly for the people, including those taken in by Marxism as the answer to all our problems.  We must pray they see the truth.  We must work on to change our institutions to faithful, peaceful, and reliable places of truth.  We must assure our children and young adults who are in places of learning where true learning can flower.  We must make certain our places of jurisprudence do actually provide equal protection under the law, liberty, and honest, fair government.

The shuttered mind and hard heart once visions of Marxism have been supplanted over time by bad teachers is as hard as iron.  One’s once open mind and loving heart is lost for a while.  Only by patient rendering of truth, an optimistic sharing of what is possible when people are free, and what is not possible when people are not free to think and do as they lawfully desire can there be change.     

Currently to expect equal justice in blue states is, as it always has been, a non-starter and unattainable.  People of wealth and politicians in blue states have enjoyed protection from the same justice meted out to the common people.  The red states must illuminate how justice is blind in a system where informed people know the law and know their rights; the law is followed, not ‘interpreted’ for an unfair advantage of a privileged few.  There must be accountability for malfeasance in government showcased to eliminate fraud and corruption by greedy people who are not truly patriots.

2020 was a terrible year for the beginning of violence and destruction, largely ignored by the Department of Justice and local police jurisdictions out of political fear of losing to more conservatives, locally and federally.  We’ve been to the place where it wasn‘t safe in many cities and murders and assaults were a daily occurrence.  The active red staters had enough and pushed for a Constitutional Convention to separate those who wanted no more of the freedom taken by these red staters. 

After a while the Marxist, Fascists wanted more than their blue areas could give them and so they attacked with arms the wrong people this time.  Peace is an elusive thing when greed is driving human beings to take what they can, where they can, and without consequence regarding how they take.    

We’re in a nation now that is likely near the end of its journey.  What we become is up to each of us.  We must seek God’s guidance and be thankful for His grace given freely by God, paid for by the Christ to all our spirits who accept the wonderful and imbued in our hearts of a people who will treat others how we wish to be treated.  We must return to the Judea-Christian principles of freedom on earth and faith in God above.  We must work an honest, true state of things in every state.  We must know our founding and its flaws—but the truth as it evolved of our founding documents and the rock we were given because of them.

We, a few regular working people, mostly veterans, did what we could to protect our homes, our liberty, and the Nation.  We won the battle here, but there may be more.  It is a fretful thing to ponder but we need not fear because of our Lord Jesus Christ who told us to fear not because He walks with us.      

What will happen in our home?  Will we have explosions, war, killing, imprisonment, or worse?  Because we have so many people who do not know or appreciate our original Constitution and sought power to destroy it, what will come of our Republic?  Will we endure a winter of desperation and fear like many countries before us?  Have we taken our country and ripped it apart to a never-ending cycle of war in our home?

Me, Susan, Mark, Carl, Darla, Jasper, John, and millions of other people  remain standing steady with our flag, the fifty-star United States colors under which and for which so many died in foreign wars and the Civil War of 1861.  We stand together, defiant to Marxism, Socialism, Progressivism, and whatever else the members call their collectivists dreams to disguise what it really means.

These people are supposing that Socialism is a worthy goal and more—a utopian existence for every working person.  Those among the many leftist organizations may fight on for their highlighted particular issue, but in the end want the same—that which we seven and millions of other brothers and sisters know in our hearts that we must defeat this nightmare in whatever form we must, dependent on what they bring to the battle. 

If they mean to bring our deaths, we must kill, and God help us all if that’s the case.  If they bring unconstitutional laws and regulations, we must not obey them.  We must defy the Marxist quash of rights we’re given by our creator, God, illuminated in the U.S. Constitution.  If they bring pestilence and mayhem like they did in 2020, we must meet them in our home towns and fight them with our fists.  We must visit school boards, schools, corporate offices, media outlets, and bring our message of defiance and righting the ship of state away from the danger of Marxism.  We have freedom of speech and assembly and must use them more that our opponents do.  We must protect the children.  We must protect all who want to exercise their rights and liberties. 

We all lose some either way.  Many people would be hurt.  Many people’s dreams would burn.  Many children will suffer confusion brought to them by adults without conviction or knowledge. 

Education has failed. 

Churches have failed. 

Parents have failed.

Politicians rarely tried and mostly lied. 

We all have failed in some manner or another and did not teach our brothers and sisters and instead allowed them to learn one way, the Marxist way.  History has taught us what Marxism does to countries who try it and one constant in the economic system worked over and again with slightly different flavors, it has failed in every case.  And yet it persists in corporate board rooms, higher education, organizations for social action, and editorial pages as a system that deserves placement in our very own form to capture all of us.  The division because of ideas of imperfect human beings that have brought us where we are, forced to live together in the same room.  Those ideas will continue to do their work in minds.  Those who do not believe in their having a soul will pontificate to draw others to them.  Other imperfect human beings will also pontificate their ideas of what having a soul means to them and try to save others from damnation.  Most people on each side of the great divide want their ideas to be accepted in their own form of freedom.  The divide is moral or immoral.  Death or life.  Imprisonment or liberty.      

Through it all and in spite of it all, there is great hope now as long as we worship and pray to God almighty and appeal through He who was the great I am.  Peace be with you.  God loves you and I and of this I’m certain.                                     



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