Random thoughts and posts

As much as I hope the (red) wave will come to pass, I wouldn’t take anything for granted. We have generations of indoctrinated people voting and they installed the Biden catastrophe on all of us. We must remember Afghanistan, Keystone, ANWR, and all the damage Biden’s circle of Marxists have caused us… crime, high taxes, high inflation, and woke lies being forced on us. No, for God’s sake and ours, no to all democrats.

Remember when Biden signed his order against the Keystone pipeline and inflation began hitting us all the same month as he rewarded enviro-Marxists with crippling our energy sector?

Remember them in November. Remember. Her party is authoritarian, but we remember lock-downs, lock-outs, and shut downs; Nazi children of the DNC and BLM destroying cities, the harassment, and cancellation of people, Alisha Babbitt’s murder and much more. Now this “Judge.”

A long time observation:  Only democrats can take money from oligarchs and corrupt foreign nations (Biden), spy on political opponents (Loretta Lynch), collude with foreign governments to get elected (Hilary Clinton), weaponized every intelligence agency (Brennan), and lie under oath (Holder, Comey, & Fauci).

I’ve noticed over the years that while we conservatives get mad and angry at times, we’re a jolly bunch most of the time while our resident Marxists (progressives) seem to stay miserable all the time—or are just simply, miserable with their lives.  (Christ can help with that for anyone willing to come down from their perch).

All while pretending Trump was the fascist.

Partly borrowed

One near mindless leader allowed over one hundred Afghans and eleven Marines, an Army Ranger, and a Navy Corpsman to be killed by carelessness (he could care less-still).  He has at least three years left.  He’s a tool of American Marxists.   

One evil minded leader unleashes his military to kill Ukrainians, not caring if there are women and children murdered too.  (He has never cared whether people are murdered).  We do not know the final death toll.  He’s a Fascist tyrant.  

Our world is filled with evil and conceit, larceny and envy.  We should all pray for a great turning to God and faith, doing good things for others, our earth, ourselves, our families, and never forgetting we are to treat others as we want to be treated.  God help us.  


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