Liberals (Marxists) Expect

What you liberals do and say to us who are Americans…

You put down faith in Jesus and say I’m ignorant because of it.

You expect me to quietly accept your latest policies, even though despite the very real destruction and death you cause, it’s never enough to appease you.

You expect me to want a Socialist nation filled with hate and envy–and ultimately want.

You expect me to shut up and follow Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi, their big tech and media mouthpieces.

You expect me to give up our free speech.

You expect me to give up my right as a law abiding citizen to give up my arms.

You expect me to apologize for my race, my heritage, my family’s history of no slaves–for doing no harm to others and for aiding the underprivileged during their lifetimes. They believed on God and Jesus, raised families, worked hard and scratched a living from Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, to Kentucky, to Alabama. My they rest in peace.

You expect me to be quiet, to be still, and accept American Marxism, the destructive green new deal along with ti being the greatest hoax ever conceived to control how we live, confiscate our treasure more and more, and make us poorer, with the human arrogant claim that we affect climate.

You expect me to quietly accept the abuse of children in most public schools where the leftist indoctrination is instilled, making a mockery of parents and their belief systems–that you whittle down in charges you are given as teachers who had no part in bringing our children into the world to teach our values and customs-and faiths. You ridicule us. You hate us, You hate the country that was the United States of America.

You expect us to forget the great things of our country and hate it too for past sins.

Hows the taste of Marxism working out for you? Are you simply a part of the wealthy swamp that pays you to be part of the swamp and so you go along and get along with anything the Biden wing and his administration expects you to–put down faith in Jesus and God, quietly accept destructive policies, the lies, Socialism, vote for democrats, who in this day are the bane of a liberty.

How’s big tech, most media, Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi doing for you? How safe is it in your cities? How free do you feel? Treating others as you want to be treated, a golden rule of relevance in our often arrogant existence, is mocked and scorned in favor of self-indulgence. We are a society that has been led by self-centered liberals, leftists, woke, Socialists. Marxists, and Fascists, the yokes of secular humanism above all, for all, and end all to enslave all.

Whenever a Democrat is elected, the pin prick of Marxism injures the heart of free America. Every time. Enough. Return to a free Republic gifted to us by founders who sweated and died to establish. Not one of our founders thought it safe from human tinkering with our rights and the inevitable corruption many people took part in and are still.

Andrew Huddleston, June 6, 2022

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