Come November 2022

I believe democrat operatives generate paper and call them votes. I believe the big lie is that there was no cheating for Biden in 2020. Democrat socialists play by the socialist rules which mean they are free to take power anyway they can, by any means, and are justified to do so.
We have the chance to take it away from them. The crime, inflation, education, lock-downs, taxes, loss of international respect. foreign entanglements, the phony climate hoax and the destruction of our energy sector are just some of the many reasons we have to move them out–the haters, the cheaters, the entitled, the woke, and the evil hearts of some who even believe in genital mutilation of children under the umbrella of “trans” super-rights.
The ideas of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and of course, the freedom to own firearms are all in their sites for destruction or change via liberal courts.
Many want to change our Supreme court too.
Many want to end the filibuster of course so they can force their way into our lives and make more demands than they ever had a right to make.
Race, hate, division… they are in the hearts of progressive democrats.
Corruption and theft… are in the hearts and minds of most democrats and many republicans. We are suckers and let them spend on any damn thing they want to and can mostly hide the details of who they pay and why of course. And there’s Biden and the outrageous carelessness of his money making from his selling our security for his mansion, beach house, and living expenses… he’s only one and is clearly one of the dumbest. His family is only one out of many families benefiting from being in government.
We have a department of justice more tuned in to political power than justice, more in support of the largess than to root out corruption, more about punishing anyone who steps out of line with the leviathan living and “working” around D.C. and northern Virginia than with the U.S. Constitution and Constitutional law.
How they squeal, how they berate, how they cancel, fire, indict, imprison, and even kill those who oppose them.  We know about Alisha Babbitt.  It’s convenient for the left to forget her.
Vote red. It’s the best we have. It cannot be taken for granted and we must not be lulled into a sense we will win–we won’t win if we don’t show. We won’t win of we allow cheating without confrontation and corrections. We won’t win if we don’t pray for our deliverance as a nation. We won’t win if we don’t stand down those politicians who hide what they are, pretend lies are facts, and carry on with the destruction of our Republic. Vote red.
Vote red. Please for the sake of the country that provides every man and woman the opportunities to prosper and live in peace, vote red.

Andrew O Huddleston
October 28, 2022

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