Then What?

We are set to continue Biden’s no-energy policies. There shall be little or no relief for us, Americans.

We will all pay more and more for goods and services and be forced to embrace the challenge and poverty of climate change with our treasure being confiscated and being sent to every country, every interest except us. Brace yourselves.

We are set to continue funding nation states for “climate change” who are not our friends. Paying huge sums for no change in the weather is the greatest hoax and larceny ever committed by man.

We are set to watch the war on the unborn in circles of men and women who think it is justifiable to kill near or full term individuals in and out of a mother’s womb. North Korea has little on what many of our Democrats (progressives) can do.

We are set to continue the Democrat D.O.J. and it’s war on conservative Americans and by proxy our children subject to the Marxist (Democrat) indoctrination centers fashioned by teacher’s unions.

We are destined to become an ever larger welfare state while at the same time living with an open border for illegal entries, and cold shoulder the true asylum seekers fleeing war and famine. We are sure to see the collapse the entire system because of pretend economics. Only inflationary creating more debt will politicians be able to pay for votes. Jumping the line and being rewarded is a way to start a new life?

We are surely to see crime rise across the land and many Americans hurt and killed because of the marked intentions of (progressive) Democrat prosecutors not prosecuting criminals of all kinds.

Our military is weaker. Get ready.

We will watch and know more sacrifice of men and women in uniform for the continued enrichment of a massive military-industrial complex for political expediency and still no plan to win anywhere our leviathan government with its bureaucracies send them. Getting Americans killed is nothing to the career politicians (Republicans and Democrats) set in perpetuity until nature removes them. Then they’ll be replaced by the same greedy mindset as those who pass undistinguished into the night. They’re letting Americans get killed by the hundreds each week with open border fentanyl smuggling so it’s nothing to the career class. We’re nothing to the career class. They hate us to ask questions.

We will not make certain we have free and fair elections. Early mail-in “voting” and ballot harvesting will keep (progressive) Democrats in power until we’re a one party country and then know more about the Venezuela model of elections with Maduro. It’s what progressives want and whatever progressives want, they get and never stop wanting more. These are people who believe using any and all means to keep power is justified because their cause is the only just cause. They do not require our permission.

We will hire more IRS agents to track and confiscate more of our income. Authoritarians (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) are nasty people.

We will see the exploded bureaucracies explode again as the regulators are set free of any constraints and we suffer the consequences of the unchecked, unelected dictators (neither Republican or Democrat but empty vessels of power) being paid with our money.

We most likely will watch a shrinking manufacturing and energy sector, but big pharma, directly aided by the Democrat (progressive) authoritarians, grow. Employment will be soft and ultimately fall off as our unemployment absorbs more Americans.

Our founders were right when they eschewed political parties, envisioning the division, greed, and power envy they become and remain dedicated in life, on earth.

Then what can, will we do?

Until we do or not do anything about it all, our punishment for wanting liberty continues.

Andrew Huddleston, the senior.

November 14, 2022


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