Witnesses to the fall of America

Witnesses to the fall of America

I believe all of us who are alive today in the United States are witnessing the fall of the once great Republic that was the United States of America. The Nation that threw off slavery, led the industrial revolution, made possible a high standard of living, celebrated faith, fought for freedom around the world while taking no spoils in war and instead, left many of our dead in those foreign lands is falling.  Our once great Nation where, for most of its citizens, family was second only to God, and our country followed in third place. The want of power and sins that has plagued mankind throughout history, greed, and envy began our great fall. It is unfolding before our eyes.  And what has become a Fascist left that doesn’t recognize that unlawful mandates, the rules (not laws) they unconstitutionally force on people, the collusion between industry and government for politics, the bent for censorship and quashing free speech, the burgeoning Fascist-like rulers within the administrative state to get the collaborative work done, cancelling people out of their livelihoods, and the imprisonment of political foes with whom they disagree are all methods of authoritarian governments.  Some even have killed people; others wish to see their political foes die.  That’s how much many hate.

Now we know the military-industrial complex President Eisenhower warned us about has managed to kill mostly poor Americans in wars they didn’t necessarily want to win–and still don’t.  Afghanistan is the latest and now we watch the Taliban enslave women again and execute people on whim and whimsy.  American lives were sacrificed and billions spent for temporary safety from that evil regime and who they invite into their mountains.  We still suffer the same administrative state only larger and more aggressive and authoritarian–now their work to suppress dissent has the support of most old and new media.  Why are we dying in these theaters?  Is it to defend the country or is it to generate income for those who feed at the trough and wear ties?  I submit a little because of the former and a great deal for the latter.

Maybe it began in earnest in the sixties when relativism was born out of being against a war in the western Pacific in the place of Viet-Nam.  I’m not sure.  Our decline could have started earlier.  The turn of the century with an academic, Woodrow Wilson, perhaps, who made secular globalism something the “smart” set wanted.  In any event I believe we’re in the last years of our great Republic and the Nation has become a changed population that is chained to overpowering bureaucracies put in place by politicians who have delegated the content of very law they passed “for the common good.”  Now we are literally ruled by government employees who, in masochist irony, are paid by our own labors.  Our liberty has been throttled and we can barely take a breath of air.  We watch and suffer how those of the government and their corporate sponsors in the managerial and administrative state do not care about liberty and the Republic.

Now charges leveled against people have the weight of conviction without due process.  Now, the ever present stream of  “correct speech, correct policy, correct thinking,” and then correct identification, isolation, canceling and shunning are firmly in place even in our boardrooms and across the land in most universities, high schools, and even elementary schools.  Group think has replaced objectivity on the nature of government, toward the environment, in sociology, in literally every vein of the body politic.  Greed and power became the offshoots of making the “correct” appeals to our people for votes to give the exploiters the power and opportunities to cash in to those who do exactly that.  From Nancy Pelosi to Mitch McConnell, we have witnessed them proceed to wield power and gather treasure.

Now, we have a media complicit and government agencies working in concert against us, against liberty.  Media, Corporations, and government have been thoroughly infested with collectivists.  Churches have become more susceptible to the whims of man rather than scripture and have alienated more people of good will in time, attendance has declined, and faith has itself become relative to many and an unnecessary element of life itself to even more.  We are subject to the lowest common denominator of society rather than higher orders of behavior and striving to live in harmony and safety.  People are being shot and killed across our land, some feel they can indiscriminately kill children and adults in schools, malls, churches, gyms, grocery stores, and anywhere the weak minded Godless human-animal takes a notion to level a firearm at others and use it.  Evil accomplished for the sake of evil.

Now we see our children indoctrinated toward Socialism in the public schools.  We see Socialist teachers teach them collectivism instead of the value of free markets and liberty.  Instead they are taught to hate capitalism and those who prosper from a free economic system.  Never to mention the employees who increase their own wealth and rise in knowledge and skill that can increase the value they bring to products and consequently their own value earned by time and effort.  Never.  They are taught that race defines us all and that if you’re born white, you’re born privileged.  Coal miners, pipeline workers, technicians, laborers, retail workers, police, military, teachers, bakers, and on and on… any and all races participate in every sector, every job, and every business as owners or employees.  Instead, the Marxist BLM operators have been held up as truth seers of our time and their hate for all of us who do not agree is justified.  Our children have suffered.

Now we have gender confusion being taught as a condition that is superior and deserving of super rights above all others–like our girls.  Children have been molested in schools by boys claiming their girls and showing up in the girl’s restrooms.  And woke asses like Superintendent Ziegler denied and covered it up–he’s not alone in school administrations and we are watching as we fail our children, aided and abetted by teachers unions who forced children out of their classrooms with actions out of Covid that have proven to be simply time at home for teachers who hate teaching and our children falling behind in every measure of education.

Now we have drag shows for children that some parents take their children to watch in their woke beliefs that being “inclusive” that is all important.  Sexual exposures of their children beyond their years to understand them is simply a price to pay.  Damage to their mental processes are likely unknown and won’t be revealed until years in the future.  Being inclusive does not mean we have to support anything.  There’s no violence in that sentence.  We stop the insanity peacefully administratively, legally, and by not showing to these abhorrent “shows” with our children.  If those who choose to force us try to force us to turnover our children to them, that’s another matter and enough force must be used to counter the force they use–right.  We are failing and falling as a society.

Now we have rampant crime in the cities while police are defined as terrorists rather than the culture of death, robbery, and mayhem rule the streets and victimize the innocent men, women, and children–to be sacrificed at the altar of this new liberalism by government officials and district attorneys who work for the base criminals rather than the citizens who try to live and work in their communities.  There are also those doomed visitors who unknowingly find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong times in their communities and are also preyed upon by the culture of Godless hurt and death created by the same officials.

Now we have climate alarmists confiscating our treasure to put in huge antes to other countries and think tanks and false or failing “companies” but are in fact only sponges for the family and friends of politicians and government employees doing the confiscating.  Our children are once again taught climate change in schools is man-made and so we must pay and we must do and we must be unemployed and miserable.  We must buy electric vehicles where the cobalt for the batteries are mined by exploited children and adults in the Congo, paid one dollar per day for hard labor so that Ken and Karen can feel they’re fighting global warming–now it’s climate change.  Charging those vehicles requires power plants that are operating on coal, oil, nuclear, and hydro fuels; windmills aren’t even close to providing enough or being sustainable power sources.  Killing whales and birds is simply the cost of the new environmentalism mental illness.  Poor whales and birds.  We are watching our fall because we are being terrorized by the leviathan that is Washington D.C. and beyond.  Even the whales are not safe and the birds are not safe because of Fascist controls.  We are paying them all for our own destruction.

On Biden:

We know the nature of a man’s character by what he does.  What a proven liar says means nothing.  The Covid elected President Biden has caused the acceleration of our decline by opening our borders to any and all who would come into our cities and states. As of this writing, we have five-million new people spread across the country who have jumped line and broke our laws because they’ve been allowed to come in.  Because of the chaos such a mass of people cause, many took advantage of Biden and his administration thousands who are criminal drug smugglers, abusers of people, traffickers of women and children, thieves, and murderers are now exacting their toll on Americans.  Biden could care less.  They are with us now even while the majority of the poor people from every nation in the world may work hard once they’re settled with our generous benefits we pay for to be doled out by NGO’s, federal, and state bureaucrats out of our weakened pay.  Biden has made certain there is no such thing as sovereignty or protecting our borders for the citizens of the United States.

The gut wrenching disrespect Biden showed the nation and the families at Dover when the bodies of thirteen Marines, including a Corpsman, and an Army Ranger were murdered in Afghanistan as he peered down at his watch several times while the plane was being emptied of Americans who were no more.  His callous incompetence killed them as sure as the suicide bomber who triggered the bomb.  This stands as one damning indicator of his true character, in my view the worst part of his heart.  He has not escaped proving his voters and the rest of us with many more clear examples of his true lack of character.

Biden delivered a speech where he called millions of American citizens Fascists-the most evil kind of reference that can be made of a any man, woman, or population.  Because a large block of Americans want good policies for its citizens (including immigrants) when it comes to jobs, taxes, liberty, and safety, we were demonized by a blowhard.  He, along with his handlers, writers hate those of us who love the idea of America as it was established by the preamble and the Constitution.  How dare the son-of-a-bitch say such a thing.  We know who the Fascists are and one of them is Joey Biden.

Biden has unraveled our productive energy sector on day one when he forced 11,000 pipeline workers out of work.  The affects have been experienced now as we suffer what was preventable and unnecessary.  High inflation, loss of wealth, loss of 401K pension value, and recession that has begun to put people out of work-now.  The forecast of many financial experts and economists is that our economics will get worse.  Massive spending for the few special interests and little else soak our generated wealth like a sponge fattens itself with water.  The top tier fat donate to the DNC and the RNC for a return on their investment.  Biden is the perfect tool since he’s a well experienced beneficiary of the theft throughout his fifty year political “career.”

Biden’s graft and corruption, including the most egregious–taking money from foreign sources through his son and likely his brother for decades, is an element of the worse kind of serious treason and high crime against his country.  He’s been selling access and is compromised.  How in the name of all that is right before God and us could he not be owned by international dictators?  Why do we tolerate such crimes rather than indict and prosecute?

Biden will sign another spending outrage as of this writing.  We are witnesses to the enormous deficit spending all the time every year on other countries and for thousands of items we have no idea what they are or why.  There is one why we know about and that’s the politician’s friends and the politician get a share by any means.  So we do catch glimpses of where some of the spending goes and much of it is focused on a few and for things that have no relevance to our lives except paying higher prices for all goods and services.  Presently, we’re going to: (Source provided below).

  • Provides $1.563 billion for CBP “border management” but does not allow using those funds to hire permanent border security officers, deport illegal aliens (only allows transportation to American communities), or expand border security technologies and capabilities unless it is for improving the processing of illegal aliens. This is not “border management,” it is $1.563 billion to essentially convert CBP into a federal travel agency for illegal aliens.
  • Provides $800 million from CBP to FEMA to pay for “sheltering and other services” through grant programs awarded to open border aligned non-governmental organizations and charities. This broad appropriation could be viewed as enticing others to illegally enter the country and there is no prohibition against funds being distributed to organizations in the interior, meaning that illegal; aliens could be sheltered throughout the country under this section.
  • Prohibits the use of funds for border wall construction in certain areas.
  • Allows the Office of Refugee Resettlement to accept private donations from politically motivated organizations for the care of unaccompanied alien children.
  • Provides funds to both CBP and ICE to transport unaccompanied alien children, demonstrating that domestic transportation throughout the United States is a large part of CBP and ICE operations. This is a key enticement for parents to pay smugglers to take their children on the dangerous trek up to the southern border.
  • Provides millions for a controversial case management pilot program to aid illegal aliens facing deportation – which is being overseen by a nonprofit that has previously called for the defunding and abolition of ICE.
  • Provides $29 million for the Justice Department’s Legal Orientation Program, which empowers NGOs to coach large groups of detained aliens on immigration court proceedings. The effectiveness of this program is dubious as it does not provide actual legal counsel to aliens, the aliens who use this program are less likely to get an attorney and their matters take longer to resolve. Additionally, program participant organizations often blur the line between providing basic information about the process and providing legal advice.
  • Provides $25 million for the USCIS Citizenship and Integration Grant Program, a program utilized by many of the same NGOs receiving federal grant money to process illegal aliens. This self-congratulatory grant program has been routinely awarded to organizations involved in active litigation against DHS and does nothing to enhance the administration of the immigration system.
  • Leaves it up to the DHS Inspector General’s discretion whether to allocate funds for partnerships between state and local law enforcement to assist in enforcing immigration laws. While seemingly an independent auditor, The DHS Office of Inspector General has been mired in reports of political bias. We have already witnessed the dangerous consequences of an administration unwilling to utilize the 287(g) program as the Obama era saw a plethora of cancelled agreements. Congress is essentially relinquishing control of a critical force multiplier for immigration enforcement.
  • Allows detention contracts to be rescinded based on arbitrary performance evaluations.
  • Extends discretionary authority for DHS to issue more H-2B guest worker visas than the cap allows, which displaces American workers and drives down wages.
  • Provides funds to eliminate processing backlogs and expedite adjudication of Afghan Special Immigrant Visa cases, as well as a cap increase of 4,000. Recent reports have exposed the lack of proper vetting for many of the Afghans in the program and the associated risks to public safety and national security. Any actions taken to expedite processing will detract from security checks and further vetting activities and increase the risks.
  • All budget increases directed towards immigration enforcement are below inflation. An unprecedented border crisis calls for funds at appropriate levels – the increases are simply insufficient.

Among the damaging immigration proposals that were defeated or withdrawn during the lame duck:

  • A mass amnesty proposal led by Senators Kirsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) in exchange for an extension of weakened Title 42 and other meaningless promises of future immigration enforcement.
  • The Afghan Adjustment Act, which would have granted permanent residence to largely unvetted Afghans who were allowed to enter the country under President Biden’s abuse of parole authority. Most of the Afghans who arrived in the U.S. after the administration’s disastrous withdrawal in 2021 played no role in assisting U.S. forces.
  • An agriculture bill containing both an amnesty for illegal aliens and an expanded guestworker program. The last farmworker amnesty, crafted in part by current Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer when he was in the House, was the most fraud-ridden immigration program in American history.
  • The Biden Administration’s attempt to slash ICE detention capacity by 30 percent.
  • The Sinema-Tester amendment to the omnibus, which sought to process and release illegal aliens into our country more efficiently.
  • The EAGLE Act, which would have resulted in more than 90 percent of employment-based green cards being awarded to citizens of just two countries: China and India.
  • The misleadingly named Veterans Service Recognition Act, which would have provided amnesty for illegal alien relatives of veterans and even allowed deported criminals to return the U.S.

Contact: Ron Kovach, 202-328-7004 or rkovach@fairus.org.


Founded in 1979, FAIR is the country’s largest immigration reform group. With over 3 million members and supporters nationwide, FAIR fights for immigration policies that serve national interests, not special interests. FAIR believes that immigration reform must enhance national security, improve the economy, protect jobs, preserve our environment, and establish a rule of law that is recognized and enforced.

SOURCE Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

Our fall is on schedule and proceeding at a faster and faster pace.  Politicians are retiring and enjoying the fruits of their collusion and time spent developing their portfolios while we scrape by in this inflationary period and recession because many were naive enough to elect Biden.  Remember, on the first day of his phony Presidency he (his crew) promptly made war with our energy sector, the seed of ruin to every other economic measure and real growth.  Now we’ve been dumb enough to not take the Senate in the 2022 midterms and so our hope has been diminished once again.  Our path to a real correction for liberty and justice has been stalled, again.  Our punishment for being Americans and our decline remains on schedule with the cog of Schumer in place.  McConnell is still in the “business” of the Senate rather than representing his constituency.  His portfolio is safe too.

Can we recover a God blessed, liberty centered Republic?  I pray we can and will see it for our children, grand-children and all the children.  We must reach the hearts of those heavily invested in the managerial and administrative state and cause them to care enough about everyone’s liberty for us to have a chance.  Now we are witnessing the fall of a great nation on the similar and familiar path of Rome.  Tough order.  Biden and his handlers are on vacation.

Thank you,

Andrew O. Huddleston, February 11, 2023


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