Witnesses to the fall of America

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Witnesses to the fall of America

I believe all of us who are alive today in the United States are witnessing the fall of the once great Republic that was the United States of America. The Nation that threw off slavery, led the industrial revolution, made possible a high standard of living, celebrated faith, fought for freedom around the world while taking no spoils in war and instead, left many of our dead in those foreign lands is falling.  Our once great Nation where, for most of its citizens, family was second only to God, and our country followed in third place. The want of power and sins that has plagued mankind throughout history, greed, and envy began our great fall. It is unfolding before our eyes.  And what has become a Fascist left that doesn’t recognize that unlawful mandates, the rules (not laws) they unconstitutionally force on people, the collusion…

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