Feeling anything?

How do you feel about a bureaucracy we all pay for that is politically Socialist? How do you feel about Socialism? How do you feel about being told what we must do in our lives by Marxists? How do feel about the waste of our treasury to other countries, to a nonsensical “green new deal,” […]

These Democrats of 2020

Our group of Socialists, Marxists, wild-eyed liberals, hate-filled of all things American, racist, anti-police, dedicated group thinkers have stolen the Presidency and are openly working, stealing, lying–in their effort to change America… to what? Replete with nihilists, bracketed-mind anarchists, rigidly disciplined feminists, secularists, many atheists, believers in abortion to nine-month delivery of a human being, […]

Fighting Against the Cheat

We stand in the breach with him and do our much smaller parts of fighting the cheat day to day. Our enemy operates an over-arching strategy where the ends justify the means as they’ve always done. The left’s drive to bankrupt jurisdictions it controls and knowingly or unknowingly operate toward bankrupting the nation causes no […]

Who You Believe, What You Worship…

Do you allow others such as the biased media, unions, secularists, the hate-filled, the misguided, and the misinformed (or collectivists liars) lead you around, lead your mind to wherever they want to take you? The immature, silly, hate-filled people of all ages will say: Socialism? Yes! “Green New Deal?” Yes! Absolutely. Higher taxes on other […]