Chapter XVI Peace, that Elusive State of Things NATIONS

The death toll in the field near El Paso was tallied by most reporters at a number above 200 and could be more.  There were at least another 400 wounded in some manner with various degrees of seriousness.  They were confident that it couldn’t be less and this was staggering to them who reported the […]

These Democrats of 2020

Our group of Socialists, Marxists, wild-eyed liberals, hate-filled of all things American, racist, anti-police, dedicated group thinkers have stolen the Presidency and are openly working, stealing, lying–in their effort to change America… to what? Replete with nihilists, bracketed-mind anarchists, rigidly disciplined feminists, secularists, many atheists, believers in abortion to nine-month delivery of a human being, […]

Fighting Against the Cheat

We stand in the breach with him and do our much smaller parts of fighting the cheat day to day. Our enemy operates an over-arching strategy where the ends justify the means as they’ve always done. The left’s drive to bankrupt jurisdictions it controls and knowingly or unknowingly operate toward bankrupting the nation causes no […]