Who You Believe, What You Worship…

Do you allow others such as the biased media, unions, secularists, the hate-filled, the misguided, and the misinformed (or collectivists liars) lead you around, lead your mind to wherever they want to take you? The immature, silly, hate-filled people of all ages will say: Socialism? Yes! “Green New Deal?” Yes! Absolutely. Higher taxes on other […]


An Anonymous Op-Ed. Today is the anniversary of an event that took the lives of many Americans and caused thousands of families to suffer for the rest of their lives. We remember the day when evil ideas broke into our house and murdered people, making it clear there are enemies of liberty in the world. […]

Kate Steinle is Gone

The defense lawyer Matt Gonzalez has successfully defended his client, Jose Zarate for the murder. It may have been Manslaughter, but that didn’t matter to a jury whose liberal credentials are preserved. The similarly credentialed liberal lawyer stated that others, specifying President Trump, Vice-President Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, should reflect on their own […]


This is going to be viewed as cynical to some but it is a very real conviction of mine. It’s has been with this imperfect man for years and has never changed. When some invite me to be saved who are democrat supporters, the unexpected and sudden minutes of wasted time causes a stir inside […]

Our Left

It is the spiral of wasted minds captured by a moment of imagined utopia for all on earth that cause many people to perhaps unknowingly become enemies of freedom. The same downdraft that is sure but gentle, touches them with a false reassurance that even if they have learned little, it is all right. In […]


Ms. Pelosi, sensing the blood of Conservatives in the water of our political nonsense as a fresh opportunity to damage or even destroy the opposition stepped up to the plate and swung.  She was so motivated, that in her animal exuberance (one possible defense in sexual harassment cases), as she had to lick the saliva […]