September-Nearer A November We Need.

I look across the landscape, much of it torn and bleeding.  I can see smoke rising and wonder what happened to us, all of us.  Why did we fall to this same fate as Nations before by fighting each other?  How did this happen and has anyone learned anything? I breathe in air that has […]


Liberals (Marxists) Expect

What you liberals do and say to us who are Americans… You put down faith in Jesus and say I’m ignorant because of it. You expect me to quietly accept your latest policies, even though despite the very real destruction and death you cause, it’s never enough to appease you. You expect me to want […]

Chapter XV El Paso NATIONS

Only a couple of years out did the worst unfold which could have been predicted but wasn’t for the want of success and peace in the land. Following the new found freedom of the red states and the inevitable need for rigid control of the economics and the people in blue states, both sides set […]