Chapter XII Swirling up NATIONS

Edward Chance, President of Valley View Preparatory had studied economics at the Chicago School where he earned his Ph.D.  He was an active member of the Saint James Catholic Church, married with four grown children.  He still enjoyed the appearance of an athlete in his six foot frame, thick arms and absence of an overly […]

NATIONS Chapter X It’s Cloudy from D.C. to Seattle

Army Colonel Dickson was called to Washington for a meeting in the Whitehouse.  There were several cabinet members and Generals in attendance.  The Director of the National Security Agency was pacing back and forth waiting for the President to arrive.  The matter of the domestic unrest was the only agenda item to be discussed.  The […]

December 18, 2019

Pelosi has attempted to clean the open sore of insane promises made by socialists within the democrat and apply the antiseptic and then cover it with a dressing.  The party has allowed the lies of its most unbelievable members to sell their socialism.  It is the most unrealistic, undeniable path to misery ever used to […]