Okay, Justin.

Justin Doolittle managed to get an article published on the hater website known as Salon. He wrote the military does not protect our freedom. I suppose he and his little cluster of smarmy leftists do. No, of course not because it is this very set of people who work to take freedom away as we know and are doing a good job at it.
Maybe he is resentful of the character others have who will help each other, fight for each other, and die for others. He can’t imagine such a conviction within a human being I suppose. He’s probably merely a product of what much of our education has become.
We don’t need him. I know, I know. Still someone paid him for the junk writing and that’s sad. There are still enough good people in the services to do the job our country asks and they will. As a veteran I know. Sadly the orders come down from an absolute clown—another big zero as empty as Justin.
It’s not like I really care what Justin writes or says because nothing he puts in words is worth a single half-quarter to me. I just happen to be in a lull because I’ve been so disappointed with the election results. It is tragic we have so many people vote so dumb.
America has changed for the worse and folks like Justin simply confirm the stumble and fall of the nation. We’re less educated (obvious) and less moral with far less heart toward others. Despite what leftists advertise, the effect of what they do is nothing short of vile socialism, empty secularism and even murder—but what the hell? “It‘s for the greater good.” A tragic problem we have indeed and our children will suffer far more as most are taught the value of the state rather than the value of the individual with a moral compass.
We know the left doesn’t give a rat’s damn and I don’t give a damn about them. Every leftist that reveal themselves and their dreams on the pages of a waste of cyberspace like Salon or broadcast time like MSNBC, are people who deserve to be ignored by the veteran, the thoughtful, the tax paying worker, the man and woman trying to be family despite the ever-growing headwinds of large mouth leftists and their lawyers demanding an ever sinking base of society, an ever growing entitlement class made so by their own decisions that somehow we owe them. Oh good, we have something to work for that is new and exciting!
This little man, Justin Doolittle, is simply a nothing among many nothings. This veteran has decided so—and that is just as legitimate as what he and the circle jerk at salon decide. What I’m doing is a waste of time but it was fun to scribble a little bit again. I think I’ll close with something far more worthwhile and that is, thank you for your service veterans. Thank you active brothers and sisters for protecting what freedom we still enjoy for it is you who do that. Know and remember, please, that Justin ain’t shit.

Andrew Huddleston
November 13, 2013

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