Young People Wronged Again

Some college students are very confused about the general meaning and use of the word, safety.  That is true for the standard use of the word for decades before the left (as it does time and again for convenience), changed its use into something different.  A group of students recently declared it was a risk to their safe space to have Chik-Fil-A operate a store on the campus of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.  Deriving a special interest meme from “LGBT,” that has galvanized the homosexual culture in the United States, the empowered 1% of our population and those who support their rights (absent liberty, freedom for the nation–words typically left out by leftists) have taken on a franchise whose major stockholders donated some of their personal wealth toward groups that worked toward keeping marriage the sanctity of a bond between a man and woman.  Aside from being scriptural which the left fights tooth and nail against any such reference, the institution lasted thousands of years in civilization and since this country’s founding.  It does not matter.  These victims of adult leftist misappropriations of language and its usage claim it is something aggressive and threatening to make it more convenient for those other students who want a chicken sandwich to buy one or fifty.

I mentioned how rare the left uses words like liberty and freedom above and that’s exactly what I believe most Americans expect for their tax dollars, votes and college tuition.  I believe most Americans do not want less freedom–such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom to own guns, and freedom to move, prosper, work, and teach their children.  This group is not about freedom.  Witness the faction that uses lawsuits and claims in States where they can to force everyone to accept them such as fining bakers out of their livelihood and savings to force acceptance.  many in this group expect everyone to embrace them as part of the diversity industry.  That is less freedom and so it’s another sad example of how leftist adults have co-opted the language to excuse anything–in this case “safe spaces.”  I say they should be free to associate as they wish and I would never harm that or them–it is not my business until they make it my business by launching such campaigns as preventing access to chicken sandwiches others.  I think about the protests that restrict people’s movements here and there, by foot or vehicles and it is true that such interference as an act of unwarranted aggression on their part.  Leftist parents and teachers have again failed young people and taught them an incorrect use of the language, and that definition is being used to justify physical acts.

We know the next human reactions will be violent and people will be injured.  The left is our homegrown fascist movement as the language misuse has been extended to this historical horror and as the left does, it accuses all conservatives of being the very thing they have devolved into.  The inevitable cost of this will be death and more destruction, an awful result that becomes a far different part of our landscape than “safe space” on campus.  The reason goes to self defense as the leaders at the top of the Marxist left willingly sacrifice the lives of their followers in order to take power.  It’s happened time and again.  It is likely to happen here, soon.

Stop misusing the language.  Allow the freedom of a majority of young people the ability to buy a feckin’ chicken sandwich on campus.


Andrew Huddleston

April 25, 2017 




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