Attorney General Barr

Please, sir… regarding the work Mr. Durham is doing (that Mr. Huber failed to do with the obvious criminality of the Clinton Foundation), please do not let the Russia hoaxers and unfair prosecutions go the same way. I believe with all my heart that most Americans want to see the people held accountable that cost us so much (Mueller) who used partisan wiretaps, spying, and false presentations to FISA for prosecutions.

Please sir. Please.

We need to see and hear of legitimate indictments of those who violated the law. We have watched as so much has been accepted (Clinton) as nothing. Shameful. We really do have unfair justice system. If law is not applied to all, it should not be applied to one and that puts us in anarchy.

Thank you. I and millions of others look forward to some results being worked before the election.

Thank you,

Andrew Huddleston

July 19, 2020


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