September-Nearer A November We Need.

I look across the landscape, much of it torn and bleeding.  I can see smoke rising and wonder what happened to us, all of us.  Why did we fall to this same fate as Nations before by fighting each other?  How did this happen and has anyone learned anything?

I breathe in air that has a taste within its body.  The subtle, unpleasant, foul flavor of death is taken into my lungs and bloodstream.  It’s an ugly reminder of a people who en mass turned away from God and good and went their own way led by charlatans who were deceivers for their own craven want of power and greed.  The weight of it all came to be too much for the country to handle and it could cause a Civil War, the second one.

We in America remain a sharply divided people.  We have our share of the greedy, hate-filled, thieves, hypocrites, and liars in positions of power and on both sides of the political spectrum—and before it happened and now still, we’re not headed for a good place.  Can you see?  Are we to ever more be required to succumb to the wiles of others, of an out of control bureaucracy?  Are we going to continue to allow others to take away our freedom?  What purpose or grand illusions are millions wanting government control while other millions have been forced to accept government control over our lives?  We also have lovers of the idea of America and her liberties, her opportunities to do for families, all families, by an economic system that works well if it is left alone by those who corrupt it.  I am one of many millions in this group.

We must vote out as many Socialists, Marxists, and other dupes who have voted with the Biden crew of miserable people.

Andrew O Huddleston

September 1, 2022

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